9 Smart Tips for Choosing a Baby’s Christening Gown


A baby’s Christening is an important day of their life. The ceremony is considered as a sacrament and is a person’s passage into the Christian church. As the first formal ceremony in the church, the Christening or Baptism requires formal attire to ensure that all eyes are on the little one being Christened. Most Christening ceremonies have more rigid dress requirements than other ceremonies. Because of this, it is important to choose the perfect Christening gown for a beautiful, flawless ceremony. These nine smart tips for choosing a Christening gown will help you take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gown for your perfect baby.

1. Keep within your budget

Christening gowns have evolved greatly from the plain cotton or lace one-piece that children use to wear. With so many styles to choose from, you will find gowns in a wide range of prices. Before you begin looking, decide what your budget for the gown will be so that you do not fall in love with a gown that is way out of your price range.

2. Check for comfort

Nothing is worse than trying to calm an uncomfortable baby. Since your little one will be in their gown for the ceremony and pictures, it is important to make sure they are not bothered by the fit or the material.

3. Consider ease of dressing and undressing

Occasionally, you run into an outfit that is made in a way that makes it seemingly impossible to put your child into it. Small head holes, stiff arm seams and tricky buttons should all be avoided to make sure dressing and undressing in the gown is a breeze.

4. Make sure you can change diapers

The importance of quick, easy diaper changes is something new parents know all too well. When choosing a gown, ensure that you will be able to easily get to the diaper. Bulky tulle or complicated bloomers can make diaper changes difficult, or worse, messy!

5. Find a gown that stands out

This day is all about your baby! “Make sure your baby stands out by choosing a gown with embellishments and other features that set it apart from those who will be taking pictures with the baby,” said Precious & Few. Consider that baby will be held by mom, dad, the godparents, and the Priest during the ceremony so choosing a stand out design is very important.

6. Matching accessories make the outfit

Most Christening gowns come with accessories that help coordinate the outfit. Headbands, lacy socks, and even jewelry are all beautiful additions that can really add flare to the gown. If your favorite gown doesn’t come with any accessories, try to find at least one additional piece to keep things looking unique and put together.

7. Pick a gown that’s appropriate for your venue

It’s hard to believe that there are gowns made for babies which could be deemed “inappropriate” for a religious venue, but they certainly exist. If you are having your ceremony in a more traditional venue it may be best to steer clear of overly shiny or showy gowns.

8. Consider the weather

While you can always cover baby up while outside, during the ceremony you will want the Christening gown to be in full view. Some venues, especially larger ones, can be very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. If you can get an idea of the temperature in your venue beforehand, it can help you decide on the best style and coverage of the gown.

9. Find an easy to clean fabric

When using one word to describe babies, messy is the first to come to mind. From spit up to diaper blowouts, not everything about baby’s big day will be glamorous. It’s inevitable that something will get onto the gown so pick a fabric that can be easily wiped down so that a mishap doesn’t ruin the day.

By following these nine smart tips for choosing a Christening gown, you can take comfort in knowing that you are well prepared for your baby’s big day. By getting past any worry you may have about the perfect gown you will be able to enjoy this momentous day in your baby’s life.


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