7 Important Tips for Choosing a Living Room Sectional


If you’re looking to buy a sectional, don’t go in blind. There are some major factors you should take into account before investing in one. Here’s a list of tricks to help you find the best fit for you and your home, and keep you safe from buying a piece of furniture you hate.

1. Choose Fabric Wisely

Seriously consider the type of people who will be sitting on your sectional and what types of things they will be doing. Will people be eating here regularly? Leather or microfiber may be easiest to clean. Will people be watching TV without indulging in messy snacks? Find a soft fabric you like. Once you’ve decided on a material, you should pick a color that not only accentuates your room, but will easily fit your lifestyle. For example, don’t purchase a light color if you have messy kids or animals.

2. Round or Square?

The choice is easier than it seems—get a square sectional if you plan to put it in a corner, and get a round sectional if it will be placed away from walls. Putting a square sectional in the middle of room creates a boxy, closed-off look that makes your space feel smaller, while putting a round sectional in a corner wastes valuable seating space.

3. Double Check Direction

“If one side of the sectional you’re considering buying is longer than the other, it’s very important to remember the direction you plan to have it in your home,” said San Marco Furniture LLC. Will the sides be facing the proper way or will you have a long end covering up a door or window you intended to leave open? If a sectional is displayed opposite of the direction you need, you should always ask if it’s manufactured both ways.

4. Shop on President’s Day

According to Kiplinger, furniture goes on major sale from early January to the President’s holiday in mid-February. Some stores (like IKEA) mark items down as much as 70% during this time of the year. If you shop during this time, you can get a nicer piece of furniture for your original budget. And who doesn’t want more sectional for their money?

5. Sit Before You Buy

When shopping for a sectional — and really any type of furniture — it’s vital to shop shamelessly. Sit the way you would sit at home in a lot of sectionals to really get a feel for what your options are. Make sure and sit in all the seats of the sectional, even the corner. Seriously, think about how disappointing it would be to realize your cushions were too stiff after you bought the sectional and got it in your home. Don’t be afraid to sprawl out and ensure that you’ll get the comfort you pay for.

If you’re shopping online, don’t even consider a sectional that doesn’t have any reviews. Take advice and opinions from the people who bought before you. Research, research, research, because if you can’t sit on it yourself, you should at least here how others felt when they sat on it.

6. Measure Everything

You may think you can you “eyeball” the room you have for a sectional while looking at them in the store, but the truth is, you probably can’t. And even if you can, don’t you want the satisfaction that comes with the literal perfect fit? Either way, measure your space before you begin the search for that perfect piece of furniture. Entering a store with specifics will help you narrow down your search and find your sectional soulmate quicker.

7. Consider Going Vintage

Saving money is always good right? Right. So, why not check places like Craigslist, Ebay, and even thrift stores for your new-to-you sectional? According to Huffington Post, vintage furniture even tends to be more sturdy than the new products. Not to mention that having vintage decor makes any home seem somewhat classier and more charming.


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