3 Easy Solutions for Common Computer Problems


We all know how annoying it is when you are working on your computer then all of a sudden, an error message pops up when you were in the middle of something extremely important. Other times your computer can be extremely slow, or processes take forever to complete. Or your search queries won’t generate results back as fast as you need them to. It is even worse when all you get is the blue screen of death for windows users. The problem can be even more frustrating if you have no knowledge whatsoever of what is going on or how to even fix it. Before you go mad trying to figure out what is wrong with your PC, read through these three common problems and how to fix them. These are just simple DIY tips to help you through a difficult time and allow you time to complete that urgent work you were working on.

1- Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Most of us associate blue with loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and trust; however, when the same color appears on your screen with a lot of white text it signifies the complete opposite. The only thing you can trust at that moment is there is something wrong with your machine and nothing to be confident about. The error can appear for a number of reasons including; damaged software, driver problems, hardware issues, corrupt DLL files among other problems. To fix this problem, it will depend on the original cause of the problem. However, you can have a clue of what is going on if you can decipher the white text code. If however, you have no computer language knowledge, you can call your technician to come to your rescue.

2- Slow Running Applications

This is a common problem where your applications are just running at turtle speed. It can be annoying especially if you are working on a tight schedule. If you encounter such a problem, you could be having problems with your operating system, specific application problem, low space on the hard drive, low RAM among other problems. To fix this problem you can start by checking your hard disk space, RAM usage, install updates on your operating system, or troubleshoot the specific application you are experiencing problems with. Free up space on your hard drives, optimize your entire PC programs or even upgrade your RAM if you know how to go about that. If the problem persists, you can purchase another operating system and install it. It is often called formatting your entire PC. You can lose your data so backup before you change the OS.

3- Overheating and Strange Noises

If your computer case is operating optimally, then the noise it produces should be at a minimum and even barely hard to notice. However, if you start to hear strange noises, often accompanies by overheating, that is a sign that something is wrong your PC. It could be a sign of a malfunctioning hardware or just a noisy fan. It is typical of hard drives to make noise before they fail so you should backup your data before it crashes. On the other hand, insufficient cooling system will prompt the computer components to overwork hence producing excess heat. Make sure that the cooling system is not blocked. Additionally, you can confirm that the fun is not too dusty and that it is functioning properly. Quick remedies can include switching the machine off and let it cool as you check on the fun. If it is dusty use a blower to blow the dust off. In the case of strange noise due to a failing hard drive, you can only replace the drive after back up. There is little repair you can make to a failing hard drive.


These are just three of the common computer problems that you have encountered, or you will encounter. Do not freak out when any of them happens; you will now know what is going on and what to do to salvage the situation. You can also install the systems repair software which will troubleshoot your problem and provide suggestions of what you should consider repairing or replacing for that matter. If you are not confident that you can fix the problems all by yourself, take the PC to a computer technician who will diagnose and recommend a remedy.


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