How to Take the Perfect Family Portrait


In order to cherish the memories of your children being young and the family being together, you can have family portraits taken. Whether the leaves in the fall are a natural backdrop or there is a screen with a beautiful design behind your family, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to get the perfect portrait with little effort.

Before you begin thinking about what you’re going to wear in your pictures or how you’re going to pose, you need to find a photographer who understands the art of taking pictures. You could get a friend or family member to take a few pictures, but a professional or someone who has been taking pictures for some time will know how to use light in various ways to get the best images and how to position everyone in the picture for the best results.

A tripod is often the best accessory that you can use when taking pictures. It allows you to position the camera in one place while everyone relaxes instead of trying to capture the perfect moment when everyone is smiling at one time. When the photographer uses the tripod, it allows for focusing more on making eye contact with the family instead of looking into the camera to take the picture, which can help to reassure everyone in the shot, especially children.

If at all possible, have pictures taken in a natural setting. Find a place where everyone feels at ease instead of somewhere that members of the family might feel uncomfortable. A park with a trail where you can get action pictures taken or a park with a waterfall or large rocks that everyone can sit on are ideas to consider. You could also have pictures taken in fields with tall flowers or other natural accessories depending on the season.

Stagger everyone in the picture so that the heads are at a different level. If everyone is on the same level, then the picture looks like it’s too staged. While you might want a few professional images, you should have fun and be relaxed while taking pictures. You can use props so that some people can sit down while others stand so that the heads are not on the same level.

Let the people in the picture move around naturally. They can bend and move instead of standing straight for the entire session. Everyone can pose by shifting from one foot to another or standing with one hip sticking out. The hands can be in the pockets, and some people can cross their feet. Avoid pictures where everyone is sitting or standing the same way or has to stand perfectly still without moving. Sometimes, the best portraits are when the image is taken as everyone is moving around.

Another tip to keep in mind is to let children be themselves. They shouldn’t have to stand perfectly still through the entire session. Let them move around when they want to, make a few funny faces or play with a few props. Let kids run around so that they don’t have as much energy that will keep them from getting the picture taken. Some of the fun images that are taken are usually when kids are playing games with each other or smiling and laughing at each other and other people who are in the picture. Each person should be posed in a way that is flattering instead of in a manner that highlights a feature that might not be as attractive as something else. An example would be if someone is overweight. The person could lay on the ground with kids on top of them. Another tip is if someone is significantly taller than another person, then the taller one can stand with the feet apart to appear shorter.


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