5 Industries CAM Software Is Used


Considered one of the biggest manufacturing breakthroughs in years, computer-aided manufacturing, better known as CAM, is being used in more and more industries throughout the world. Relying on highly-advanced software to control machine tools and other manufacturing equipment, this type of manufacturing is used primarily to create equipment parts and other related items that will be used in numerous applications. By being extremely efficient, CAM is able to lower costs when it comes to the mass production of items, and also make the manufacturing process much more precise in terms of quality. To learn more about CAM software, here are five industries that rely more and more on its capabilities.

1- Automotive Manufacturing

As competition within the automotive industry becomes more intense, companies are constantly seeking ways to make the auto manufacturing process better. As a result, most of today’s major auto manufacturers rely heavily on CAM software to build their vehicles. From using advanced robotics on production lines to using the software in conjunction with 3-D printing to create various parts in a fraction of the time as years before, CAM software is revolutionizing the auto market. Further details on this can be found here.

2- Medical Equipment and Tools

As modern medicine has become much more advanced, doctors are always in need of equipment and tools that are much more specialized than in years past. Because of this, CAM software is now being used to help create various types of medical equipment, including scanners used for an MRI or CAT scan, heart monitoring equipment, and to even create pacemakers and artificial hearts to be used with patients. However, it is perhaps used most in developing new and improved surgical tools for doctors. Since surgery is becoming more sophisticated than ever, CAM software can be used to help create surgical instruments, as well as assist in the operation of robotic surgery, which is a growing trend. More details about this can be found here.

3- Aerospace Industry

With many of today’s modern aircraft, technology is being used to make them much more aerodynamic as well as safer. Thus, CAM software plays a large part in this industry as well. From allowing engineers to use the software to conduct simulations well before ever beginning production on a plane to learning how and why a certain part may have failed on an aircraft, this software can perform a number of functions to help make a plane much more efficient and reliable. By programming machinery with highly-specific instructions to ensure screws, bolts, and other components will be able to withstand the rigors of flight, CAM software is being used in more and more innovative ways each year in the aerospace industry.

4- Jewelry Manufacturing

When it comes to etching, stone cutting, and engraving, CAM software makes these processes far easier than in years past. With the demand for custom jewelry by consumers being at an all-time high, many smaller jewelers now rely heavily on CAM software to create these pieces. In addition to this, CAM software is used by larger jewelry manufacturers to create molds for certain pieces of jewelry, allowing for a much faster mass production of these pieces. As the number of people choosing to pursue careers as jewelers has steadily declined, more and more companies are now relying on CAM software to help them automate many processes originally done by human workers. Thus, in addition to making many processes very efficient, the software has also proven to be very cost-effective, since it costs far less to install these systems that it does to hire and train a person to do many of the same tasks.

5- Construction Industry

With today’s homes being built with smart technology and other features, the construction industry is one of the biggest users of CAM software. Along with creating parts to be used in these smart technology systems, construction companies use CAM software to mass-produce numerous parts they will need for a job. By doing so, they can often complete construction of a building in much less time than before, since they possess the technology to create the parts they need themselves, rather than having to rely on an outside company.


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