How Infrared Technology Keeps Us Safe


Safety is at the heart of everyone’s interests. The recent rise in safety-related incidents has led to the creation of new inventions to facilitate our safety. Numerous of the technology-based inventions targeting improvement of our safety use a common technology, infrared. Infrared technology has been on the forefront in many ways and has helped keep us safe diversely.


Airport Security Systems


Airports are highly prone to security lapses. The most common of the threats posed in our airports include terror-based attacks which can be orchestrated in numerous ways such as through chemical attacks and bombs. Modern-day airport security systems use a combination of security systems which include infrared detectors which help detect contraband chemicals deemed to be a threat to public safety. Precisely, airport security systems frequently make use of non-ionizing infrared radiations which can penetrate most materials to differentiate between chemical and biological objects and the conventional non-harmful materials.


Fire Detection


Infrared technologies have also been widely used in the development of fire prevention and detection systems. These devices have been incorporated in most buildings as a matter of regulatory requirement. Infrared smoke detectors have been established to be highly useful in smoke and fire detection and have been cited as having saved numerous lives. In one of the most recent stories run in CBS News, smoke alarms were credited for having saved a family from an apartment fire.


Military Enhanced and Extended Vision Systems


The military is notably one of the essential arms of the government which is highly responsible for numerous aspects of our safety and security. In virtually every nation, the military is highly reliant on innumerable products of infrared nature. One of these is the infrared night vision goggles which increase and extend the vision of soldiers into the dark. Such goggles usually work by detecting infrared radiation emitted by objects at night. The use of this technology has particularly been highly praised following the Operation Neptune Spear which led to the kill of Osama Bin Laden. The raid, according to ABC News, was highly successful because the American troops relied on the cover of darkness yet were able to see by using such infrared night vision goggles.


Motion Sensors


Home safety has also been critically emphasized upon with numerous technological inventions being made. One of these includes the infrared motion detectors which help detect individuals who sneak into homes in the cover of darkness. Such security systems featuring infrared light usually work by emitting beams of infrared light which when interrupted send signals to a camera and thereby raising a suitable alarm or alerting individuals at home of the impending security breach.


Different motion sensors help keep us safe in numerous ways. Some of the most common are normally installed in cars where they serve as advance collision warning systems. Such motion sensors have the capabilities of sensing the relative distances between two objects, therefore warning road users of impending collisions.


Toxic Gas Sensing Systems


Chemical warfare is a real scare in the world today. With gases being undetectable, chemical warfare has attracted a lot of research into systems that can be relied upon by security defense systems. Infrared toxic gas detectors have been widely applied in numerous security apparatus deployed in various parts of the US as well as being carried on board Unmanned Remote Pilot Vehicles (URPV) to detect potentially toxic gases. The system can also be fine-tuned to varying situations of different security requirements. They can also be specially tuned to detect specific gases of concern. These precision applications ensure that the general public is kept within the secure limits away from security scares.


It is undoubtedly certain that research into more security appliances is ongoing and that the security applications of the technology would extend into the future.


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