Top 6 Tips for Auto A/C Care


Nothing is worse during the hot summer months than having to spend a long drive in a car that does not have good air conditioning. While it is very uncomfortable to do so, it can also be extremely unsafe. This is especially true for younger children and older adults. To make sure that your car is comfortable, it is important that you keep your car air conditioning in good condition. There are six important tips that you can follow that can help to keep your car’s air conditioning system in good condition all year long.

Run the Unit All Year

One of the best things that you could do to make sure that your car air conditioner remains in good condition is to run it all year. If you live in an area of the country that is consistently warm, this likely will not be a problem. However, if you live in a colder part of the country, you may never even consider running your air conditioner during the winter. However, you need to make sure you do so for at least ten minutes once per week. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that gas pressure continues to keep the A/C compressor working and functional. When you are doing this, you should also keep the air as cool as possible and with the fan all the way on.


Similar to any other part of your vehicle, your car air conditioner will require a recharge every few years. At least every three years, you should spend a little bit of time recharging the air conditioning unit of your car. To do this, you will need to be able to refresh the existing cooling system with some lubricant and gas. This can help to give the air conditioner the recharge that is necessary to get you through the summer.

Check Levels

Another important tips that you can follow when you are looking to make sure that your air conditioner works all year is to have the refrigerant levels checked frequently. Even if the air conditioner is working well, you should have the refrigerant levels checked every time you go into a service center. Doing this, and having the levels replenished when necessary, will help to keep your car cool.


If you notice that the air conditioner in your car is not working properly, another simple things that you could do would be to replace the filter. if you have a filter that is dirty or clogged, the A/C will have a hard time circulating cool air through the car. The filter is normally pretty simple to find and can be easily replaced by most people. You could also have the filter checked whenever you go in for service. You should normally expect to have the filter switched at least once every few years.

Watch Settings

It is also very important that you make sure that you are properly considering your settings when you are using your car air conditioner. It is possible that you are not getting the best out of your vehicle air-conditioner because the settings are not properly tuned. For example, if you are alone in the car, you should make sure that you turn off the air conditioner circulation button. This will prevent cool air from going to the back of the car instead of the front.

Mold Remover

One of the biggest issues that you could have with your vehicle air-conditioner is if you have a problem with mold. Since it requires moisture to make the air cool, there is always a chance that mold could develop in the air conditioner, and the auto duct work, and in the filter. If you do have mold in your air conditioner, it could create a more serious problem down the road. If you notice that there is a smell of mold in your vehicle, you should take it into a professional. A professional will be able to identify the mold and have it taken care of immediately. Another option would be to get a mold removal spray, which you could apply to the car yourself to have smaller amounts removed from the vehicle.


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