5 Reasons Your Team Should Go to an Escape Room


Are you looking for a great way to strengthen your team at work? An escape room is a great way to do this. In case you haven’t heard, escape rooms are taking the country by storm. In an escape room, people are locked inside of a room. The members of the group have only a limited amount of time to solve a series of puzzles and escape the room. If this sounds like a blast, you’re right! However, if you need some convincing to take your teammates to an escape room, check out these 5 reasons below.

1- Building Teamwork

Escape rooms build teamwork. Nobody is ever able to complete an escape room on their own. The puzzles inside of an escape room require many hands and many eyes to successfully solve. This means your team will be forced to work together and rely upon everybody’s talents. If you have a new team that is just beginning to work together, an escape room is a great way to start making that teamwork happen.

2- Emotional Bonding

Escape rooms are fun. However, they are also meant to be a little bit stressful. You are forced to race against the clock against an imaginary, yet threatening, deadline. This somewhat stressful experience can draw your team members closer together. After collectively alleviating the pressure by solving the required puzzles, an emotional bond will form that can stay with your team for years to come. When stressful situations befall your team in real life in the future, you will all be able to look back on the emotions you shared together in an escape room.

3- Showcase Hidden Talents

An escape room can allow your team members to showcase any hidden talents they might be hiding. For example, some escape rooms require you to solve relatively complex math problems. Another escape room might ask you to identify famous works of art. In another escape room, somebody might be called upon to sort historical events or manipulate a physical puzzle. All of these problems allow the members of your team to let their hidden talents shine. When the escape room is completed, you will be surprised at what you were able to learn about your team members!

4- Support Local Businesses

Escape rooms are often locally run and operated. This means a trip to your local escape room often helps support local businesses. This can be great for your team. If you are a business team, you may be able to sow some seeds for some additional clients. If you are a sports team, you may be able to win over a few fans. Regardless of what happens in the end, an escape room often allows you to connect with other people in the community. In a sense, that helps you grow your team to include more of the neighborhood!

5- It’s Fun!

All of the above reasons for venturing into an escape room with your teammates are great. However, never forget that escape rooms are just plain fun. An escape room can be a great way to start a major team project or celebrate the ending of one. An escape room can be a fun way to break the ice with new team members, and it can be a great way to simply kick back and relax with teams consisting of old friends. The fun you discover in your escape room might also be contagious. After experiencing an escape room, you may just want to go back a second time with your friends and family. Don’t let yourself miss out on this rapidly growing activity.

An escape room is a great way for you to help your team. You can build teamwork, foster emotional bonding, showcase the hidden talents of your team members, support your local businesses, and have fun. If there is an escape room located near you, consider making a reservation right away for you and your team. Also, don’t forget that there are escape rooms located in almost every major city. If you have a business or social trip with your team coming up on the calendar, consider making an escape room part of your upcoming trip. After you see the above benefits, you’ll be glad you did!


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