8 Reasons to Invest in a Limo at Your Prom


The prom is one event in the life of a teenager they will look back on fondly for the rest of their lives. The focus of the evening should be on friends and fun times, and one way to make sure that is the case, invest in a limo at the prom.

Here are 8 reasons to invest in a limo at your prom;

1. Riding Around in Style

Looking back years from now, the one thing you will remember as a shining moment of going to the prom was riding with your close friends in the limousine. Pulling up to your friend’s home in style and heading off to the location of the prom allows for some incredible times of bonding that all will look back on fondly.

2. Getting to the Party on Time

Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to the prom. When driving yourself, time can slip away and by the time your date is ready, you arrive at the prom halfway through the festivities. When you invest in a limo, time is money, so you will be ready when the driver pulls up to the door. The good news, you have plenty of time to finish getting ready during the ride if needed.

3. Avoiding Serious Accidents

When you are partying at the prom, sometimes the night can get away and it is long past midnight when you are ready to drive home. Not only could you be tired, there may be other drivers on the road who are not in the right frame of mind to be driving. Your limo driver is not only wide awake, they have the professional training to spot suspicious driving patterns to avoid so that your friends are never in harm’s way.

4. Getting Home Before Curfew

Parents will be hounding their kids to leave the prom and get home by a certain curfew. This can put a damper on the evening when you have to leave your friends to rush home. When traveling in the limo, the party will go from the prom to the back of the limo right up until your driver pulls up to your home. When you need to be home a certain time, the limo driver will make certain it happens.

5. Creating Incredible Memories

Imagine the pictures that the kids will be able to take standing in front of the limo with friends. These kids can video themselves on their phones singing and dancing in the limo, creating memories they can share on social media in real-time. If there is enough time, the driver can pull over at certain landmarks so the kids can get their fill of taking selfies and post them on Facebook and SnapChat.

6. Getting Fast Food in Style

One of the greatest things about the prom is heading to the fast food restaurant in a tuxedo or dress after midnight. Now these kids can roll into the McDonald’s parking lot like kings and queens, get their fill of their favorite fast food, and get back on the road.

7. Making That Grand Appearance

Showing up to the prom with your date in a 1979 Pinto doesn’t leave a lasting impression on anyone. A half-dozen close friends pulling up to the door while the limo driver helps everyone out the door is how you arrive in style at your prom. Those who did not arrive in a limo will see your group pulling up and wish they too had taken the time to invest in a limo for the prom.

8. Huge Savings as a Group

Although the price of a limo might be costly, it gets significantly smaller when your group is chipping in together to pay for the ride. Add in the tip and the limo ride, and it is a small price to pay to have the safety of a ride back and forth to the prom. The more kids in the limo, the less per person the eventual cost will be.

Investing in a limo at the prom is a great way to ensure that close friends are creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime.


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