8 Signs that Say It’s Time For a New Mattress


Our beds are a place of comfort and relaxation. Just like everything else, however, beds sometimes need replacing. While it can be hard to tell right away when you need a new mattress, the eight signs listed below (suggested by the Huffington Post and the Better Sleep Council) can give you a hint that it may be time to start shopping for a new mattress.

  1. You have new or increasing back or neck pain.Aching and pain in your back and neck, especially when waking, could be a sign that your mattress isn’t supporting you like it once did. You should never be able to feel springs in your mattress, these increase upward pressure on your body.
  2. You can’t seem to get comfortable at night. Tossing and turning in bed can signal that your mattress is worn down and needs replacing. If you once where comfortable on your back but now find yourself sleeping on your side or changing positions frequently, you may need to start considering a replacement.
  3. Other beds or couches are more comfortable. After a stay in a hotel, you may find that you slept better than you have in months. This could very well mean that your mattress back home isn’t in the best shape. Giving your body relief from a worn mattress can feel great in the moment, but returning to your own bed may make you painfully aware that it’s time for a new one.
  4. Your bed has indentations from your body.After a few years, even the more expensive mattresses can start to develop indentations matching your body. This is especially likely if you sleep in the same spot and position for many years. These indentations mean that those areas of your mattress are more worn out than the rest of your bed. Sleeping in a “new” spot may temporarily fix the problem until you can invest in a new mattress.
  5. You notice an increase in allergy symptoms. Mattresses are the perfect place for allergens to accumulate. After many years, these allergens can cause certain health problems to get worse. Encasing your new mattress with a special allergen cover can help prevent this from happening again.
  6. You have had your current mattress for more than 10 years. Most mattresses, no matter the price or brand, start to age after 5-7 years and will need replacing after 8-10 years. Even memory foam mattresses can become either softened or hardened during this time, making them incredibly uncomfortable.
  7. You are an expecting mother.Pregnant women may need more support for their changing bodies than their current mattress can give them. Adjustable beds are a great option for pregnant women because you can change the setting on your bed to meet your body’s needs at every step in your pregnancy.
  8. You have been injured.Recovering from injury or surgery is painful enough. Trying to rest and recover on a worn mattress can extend your healing time. If you know you will be undergoing a major surgery soon, you may want to replace your mattress before then.

Quick Tips for a New Mattress

If you do decide to replace your mattress, there are a few tips from the Better Sleep Council to keep in mind when you start shopping:

  • Give yourself 15 minutes to decide if a mattress is comfortable. It will take about that long for your body to relax enough to feel the full support of the mattress you are considering.
  • Watch out for lengthy financing options for premium beds. While premium mattresses may give you the comfort you need for sleep, keeping in mind that nearly all mattresses need replacing every 10 years will put that payment plan into perspective.
  • Take your time and shop around. A mattress is an investment and should not be rushed. Look at many different options and go to multiple stores if needed to find the perfect option for your needs.

Looking for the signs listed above to determine if you need a new mattress is the first step to a better night’s sleep. Using the quick tips as a starting point can help you sleep better and prepare to take on the next day.


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