9 Smart Things to Consider When Buying Clothing Online


A lot of people have started to use e-commerce as companies  have grown more popular. e-commerce uses the internet to make shopping more efficient for you and your purchases. When shopping for clothes, this can help you find rebates and deals that are not readily apparent when in the store. Sometimes, shopping online can help avoid flash purchases that are not wise.

1. Use Paypal

Many online stores permit you to use Paypal to make purchases. Paypal is quick, and it does not have the expensive usage fees that many bank checking accounts do. Many large retailers use Paypal to help expedite the checkout process for their customers.

2. Buy Low

There are many ways to find good deals. One of the best ways is to shop at a thrift store or an online resale site. Buying low means trying to find a good deal for a low amount of money. If you are shopping for a dress, you try to find the lowest price for that type of dress. Although it might be fun to shop at a designer store, it is likely that you will find a better deal on the same type of dress at a thrift store. Environment has a lot to do with pricing.

3. Buy Bulk

If you can cut out the middleman, you can increase how much you get for your money. In the old days, people would make their clothes at home. Today, the efficiency of clothing manufacture has made it cheaper for most people to buy clothes at the store. A good place to buy bulk clothing is wholesale clothing.

4. Buy Foreign Import Clothing

There are many websites that let you order direct from countries where clothes are manufactured like India and China. If you buy from one of these companies, you can save enormous amounts of money on clothing. The catch is that you have to wait for the clothes to arrive for a couple of weeks through the mail.

5. Pay With Debit Card Or Checking Account

Although it might be fun to order clothes on credit, it is necessary to pay interest on your purchases afterwards. That is because credit cards are a type of loan. Using a debit card or a checking account for clothing purchases reassures you that the clothes are really yours to keep if something happens in the future to hurt your finances.

6. Try To Stack Items For Discounts

Some stores give you free shipping if you order enough in advance. Planning through your clothing needs for your entire family can give you bonuses like free shipping. Certain websites have items that are always guaranteed to have free shipping. It is up to the buyer to research what they need and how to get it cheaply.

7. Use Coupons

Some online retailers offer coupons. This a great way to save money even if it’s only 20% off or free shipping.  Many stores will give you a coupon for being a first time customer or joining their email list.

8. Shop For Long Lasting Clothing

As the popular saying goes “Buy well, buy once.” “Look for clothing that is of high quality so it will last for more than the current season,” said Sunrise Brands. Just because a store has expensive price tags does not mean that it is quality.  Be sure to look at the material and read reviews from other customers.

9. Research Before Buying

Forbes recommends that shoppers research before buying. This allows you to make a better decision about what actually goes with your life and work style.Recording the types of clothes that work for you can prevent impulse buying that is too expensive.


Online shopping gives buyers more freedom and flexibility to think before making a purchase. It also offers the temptation to buy too quickly. Having a strategy of thinking about what to buy before buying can save you time and money.


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