5 Things to Rent for Your Next Snorkel Adventure


You’re on your way to finally going on your snorkeling adventure! It’s important to know what to pack and what to rent if you don’t already own gear. A whole unique underwater world awaits you in the deep blue but you want to make sure you can see all the beautiful flashes of fish under the water. It’s also important that you’re able to breathe and get around while you’re examining all those different kinds of coral. A beautiful sunny day under the sea awaits to bring you wonder and amazement at the natural world. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need for your adventure.

1. Mask

The mask is one of the most important items you will need on your journey. Try it on before you go to make sure it fits snugly around your eyes and nose. An ill-fitting mask will let in water and if it’s too tight it will give you a headache and make it impossible to enjoy the underwater world. Remember to get a mask with a place for your nose; some people pick up diving goggles by accident and find it impossible to use the snorkel. Your mask should fit well and offer good visibility, so take a look at a large variety before making your selection.

2. Snorkel

Comfort is also key when it comes to your snorkel. Snorkel Bob’s said, “You’ll want something that fits in your mouth comfortably and will attach to your mask without causing too much trouble.” There are several sizes, types, and shapes of snorkels on the market and breathing while underwater is a necessity when snorkeling. Try to make sure the snorkel you choose will work with the mask you have chosen.

3. Sunscreen

This is mostly an item you will use when outside of the water, since sunscreen has been found to harm coral. If you’d like to prevent sunburn while you’re floating out on the water, it’s best to wear a t-shirt or other clothing that will cover you. After you’re back on shore, you can slather on the sunscreen as much as you like. Let’s keep it out of the oceans so that future snorkelers can enjoy the same coral beds and schools of fish that we do today.

4. Fins

Fins can be a point of contention for some people. Not everyone wants to have them strapped to their feet and prefer to kick around barefoot in the water. Fins offer speed and stability in the water as well as ease of turning and movement. You’ll really feel one with the sea while wearing them, and you’ll be able to follow those fast-moving fish and turtles if you see one that catches your eye. They can also save your feet if you accidentally brush up against anything. Don’t stand on the coral! It has been there for a long time and it is a living being. Fins are a good option if you’d like to move through the water as well as a fish does.

5. Underwater Camera

Everybody’s got a camera in their phone these days, but it’s not very useful if you want to take photos of the beautiful underwater paradise you’ve been exploring. It’s a good idea to pick up an underwater camera at a local surf or dive shop and take it along with you. Then you’ll have pictures of all the fish and coral you’ve seen, as well as photos of yourself and your friends pretending to be mermaids or other sea creatures. Photographs are one of the best things about travel, and this is your opportunity to bring those oceanic memories home.

Whenever you go snorkeling, you descend into a gorgeous otherworld filled with mysterious and strange creatures. It is one way we are able to gaze into another dimension of life. Snorkeling is one of the easiest ways to do this, so everyone who gets the chance should put on a mask and go check it out! Now you’ll just have to figure out where to go!


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