9 Reasons You Should Have Entertainment Options for Wedding Guests


A wedding is a joyous event. There is no doubt that the most important aspect of a wedding is the couple getting married, but this does not mean guests should be overlooked. It is incredibly important that you consider your guests and include entertainment options in your budget, but don’t go overboard. Guests usually skip expensive weddings, and you do not want that. The following are nine reasons it is important to have entertainment options for your wedding guests.

1. Relieve Their Stress

Making sure that your guests are happy is part of your job as a host, especially because many of them are likely stressing out about other aspects of your wedding like finding the perfect gift. Making your guests feel like you have their best interest in mind should make them feel more relaxed, which usually means you will have happier guests.

2. Good Side

Wedding guests are spending a good amount of money and time on your wedding. This means providing an experience that is not worthy of the time and money spent on your wedding could end up creating some bad blood. What you have to remember is your guests are friends and family members, meaning they deserve the very best you can offer.

3. Gifting Power

Your guests will be giving you wedding gifts, and they have until the end of the day or even after the wedding to do so. This means they can reduce what they end up giving you if the wedding does not cater to their desires at least a little. No one is saying that you are going to be able to make every guest happy, but they need to see that you tried to make the event as inclusive as possible.

4. Premature Departure

The wedding event is a long one, but most guests know this and plan to stick around unless you do not provide them with enough to do. You do not want to look up from your table to see that more than half of your guests already left, even though you have more than an hour worth of events planned. Making sure there are entertainment options for your guests should help retain most of your guests at the venue.

5. Good Stories

Your guests are like mini-reporters, meaning they cannot wait to gossip about your wedding. Those who did not make it or people you might have forgotten are going to get first-hand information about your wedding from your guests. It is best to ensure that your guests are relatively happy so that these stories do not have a negative undercurrent.

6. Wow Social Media

Everyone loves how social media has connected people to one another. Those that attend your wedding have their phones and are going to be posting pictures from the wedding. “You want to make sure that your guests are posting pictures and videos that show them having a blast because your wedding is meant to be a joyous event, not a boring one,” said I Love Flipbooks.

7. Good Behaving

Boredom is never a good thing, and it can be toxic at your wedding. People sometimes turn to alcohol or unruly behavior when they are bored. You do not want to deal with this during your special day, so making sure that your guests have enough to do should prevent that. Of course, it might also be a good idea to have a cap on how much your guests can drink.

8. Escapism

Here is the truth: There are bound to be a number of guests who are afraid or nervous of bumping into people they do not like. This means arguments or unpleasant moods could start to circulate, but entertainment options offer guests an opportunity to escape. Guests could tell people they do not have time to chat because they plan on enjoying one of your entertainment options, which helps keep a happy vibe at your wedding.

9. Built-in Breaks

Some weddings are elaborate, which could include things like wardrobe changes and other little pauses where guests have nothing to do. This dead space can be easily filled with entertainment options. Perhaps you can make each option available only when you need it to ensure an orderly and constantly surprising event for your guests.

These are just some of the many reasons it is important to consider your wedding guests when planning your wedding. Yes, you and your soon-to-be spouse are the stars of the show, but keeping guests happy is still crucial.


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