6 Essential Items You Need to Throw a Party


Nothing quite compares to a good party. When well-orchestrated, this grand get-together of friends, colleagues, festivity, and good times can leave those in attendance with lifelong memories. Knowing how to organize the event and what essentials to have there is key in planning the special occasion. Read on as we discuss six particular items essential when throwing a great party.

Dry or Wet Bar

Alcohol has long been a hallmark of social and even professional gatherings. It is considered by many to be the social glue that unites countless people in a common unity. As far up as presidents and political policy, alcohol has played a part. CBS This Morning’s “How Alcohol Played a Role in America’s Politics” is just one telling tale of how deeply ingrained in our culture alcohol has become.

In this same spirit, you can responsibly embrace this cultural glue at the party. A dry bar or wet bar is best for answering the call, providing guests and the host with a station for drink mixing and vending. In knowing the difference, wet bars are a permanent part to some kitchens, featuring a sink with running water. A dry bar provides the same luxuries but with portability and minus the sink.

Fondue Set

Fondue is yet another excellent way to bring together the party’s guests as well as provide food and entertainment. In the fondue set, you have a number of heated bases. These will often consist of broths, chocolates, and cheeses.

Guests begin by collecting their skewers and dipping bits. Select meat and vegetable cuts are best for broths and cheeses, while apple chunks, strawberries, and marshmallows are a great match to a bubbling cauldron of chocolate. In each case, everyone gathers and dips their skewered food choice into their chosen, heated base. A moment later, it is done, just to their liking. To meet varying consumer needs, fondue sets can be assembled in a number of sizes and arrangements.

Karaoke Machine

After the fantastic food and drink offerings have set in, keep the party attendees moving and happy with a karaoke machine. These machines come in many different sizes and capacities, but all can make for some great entertainment.

Once the machine has been set to playing all your favorite songs, guests can begin to take turns singing and performing to the musical production. For competition or just plain fun, the karaoke machine is truly a party essential. You can also try adding in some accompanying effects to enhance the occasion; fog machines, strobe lights, and disco balls are great compliments.

Serving Display

Simple serving trays are always an option. For a fantastic upgrade on this old necessity however, try a serving display instead. A serving display can be made to any spec or design style imaginable. Where food meets art, the more interesting this food station is, the better. While simple designs work, some serving displays shoot for the stars with flowing water, motion-sensing mechanics, and even optical illusions. Either way, this party essential leaves the host a great opportunity for self-expression or the expression of a significant theme or symbol, according to Limelight Paper & Partyware.

Prize Wheel

Who doesn’t want a chance to spin and win on an exciting prize wheel? A prize wheel is an excellent addition to any party. Depending on revenue and the attending guest demographic, the host can be afforded many options here.

If funds or prizes are an issue, creativity can always save the day. Consider making the slots on the wheel represent fun activities or goofy dances. Guests can even spin and compete for the chance to swap door prizes or desks back at the office. The sky is the limit when it comes to prize wheels.

Key Collection Site

Sometimes, it’s easy for party-goers to have a little too much fun. If you have served alcohol at the party, a responsible and thoughtful, final party essential is the key collection site. The “Keys Please” concept discussed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s publication, “Hand Over Your ‘Keys Please’ to Eliminate Drunk Driving,” can go a long way in ensuring your guests always make it to the next party. A check in and check out point such as a punch bowl or key rack can do just the trick.

Any party can be a success when the right party essentials are included in the mix. These six items will help any party go the distance. Here’s wishing your party the very best and a safe and enjoyable time for all involved.


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