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0 8 Styles You Should Rock this Spring

As spring rolls around, we all get excited about swapping out those bulky sweaters and clunky boots for a more alluring silhouette. For that reason, the warming weather is a great time to refresh your closet for the coming months.…

0 7 Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

When your home’s kitchen is beginning to look outdated, it is time to modernize it with one or more of these ideas. You can complete a total remodel on a kitchen, or you can update slowly to remain within your…

0 5 Hacks for Caring for a Leather Handbag

In a world where fashion is forever changing, one thing remains the same: we still love our handbags! With annual numbers of handbag purchases reaching 9.2 billion dollars in sales, it is pretty evident that most of us still consider them one…

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