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0 5 Top Men’s Fashion Trends This Spring

Men’s fashion trends may not be quite as dynamic as women’s, but there is still a definite change in the hottest styles from season to season. Some of these changes may seem subtle or not even be very noticeable at…

0 3 Key Tips for Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

Unless you have a flawless figure, you may understandably feel uncomfortable and even stressed when you need to shop for a new bathing suit. For many women, shopping for a new swimsuit can be a rather humbling or humiliating experience,…

0 How to Properly Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Hair is definitely important. A survey pointed out that women spend around $50,000 on their hair over the course of their lifetime. Still, no matter how much time is spent on hair, another survey shows that only seven percent of women are happy with…

0 8 Styles You Should Rock this Spring

As spring rolls around, we all get excited about swapping out those bulky sweaters and clunky boots for a more alluring silhouette. For that reason, the warming weather is a great time to refresh your closet for the coming months.…

0 7 Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

When your home’s kitchen is beginning to look outdated, it is time to modernize it with one or more of these ideas. You can complete a total remodel on a kitchen, or you can update slowly to remain within your…

0 5 Hacks for Caring for a Leather Handbag

In a world where fashion is forever changing, one thing remains the same: we still love our handbags! With annual numbers of handbag purchases reaching 9.2 billion dollars in sales, it is pretty evident that most of us still consider them one…

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